The Conseil provincial des sociétés culturelles is recognized for its leadership in the development of arts, culture and heritage in all Acadian and Francophone regions of New Brunswick.


The Conseil provincial des sociétés culturelles supports sixteen (16) regional organizations dedicated to cultural activities through its support, it allows agencies to offer members a variety of programming that meets the needs of the Acadian and Francophone communities, across the province.


a) ensure communication and information exchange to promote dialogue, solidarity and partnership with and between its members;

b) the ongoing development of members through information services, training, consulting, research, coordination and lobbying;

c) ensure visibility of the CPSC and its members;

d) act as spokesperson for members;

e) promote cooperation and building partnerships with provincial cultural practitioners;

f) claim with government authorities the tools for cultural development;

g) provide for the diversification of financing for CPSC and its members through partnerships with public and private sectors;

h) facilitate the dissemination of artistic Acadian;

i) support the development and vitality of artists, craftspeople for the Acadian and francophone of New Brunswick.